Evidence Based Practice 2

Evidence Based Practice 2

Looking back on this semester we have learned so much about working in groups in a whole new manner.  With the covid pandemic, our group chose to communicate through technology instead seeing each other in person.  This ended up working really well for us!  I worked with Kallan Charest and Rachel Potter and they couldn’t have been a better team!  We were able to evenly divide our assignments while communicating with one another to ask questions, and check to see how we were each doing.  This worked really well as we all gave each other feedback and helped each other out!  Throughout this process, we learned to communicate in a few different ways that was sometimes challenging, but very interesting at the same time.  

When researching information about our topic, we had a few struggles. In the beginning we ended up changing our focus as there wasn’t much information out there towards our question before.  We changed our topic to Educating Nurses on the Severity of the Influenza Virus in Cardiac Patients in hope of further promoting the flu vaccine. We chose this topic because on our floor R9 at Maine Medical center, we have high acuity patients who have cardiac problems varying from Myocardial infarctions to A-fib V-Tach.  With severe cardiac dysfunction, our patients can have a very low prognosis if they catch the flu virus.  For this purpose, we gathered information on the effects the flu has on the heart, and problems that can occur related to our specific high acuity cardiac patients.  

Once narrowing down the topic, it was very interesting to research the effects the flu can have on cardiac patients.  We gained a lot of great information that will not only hopefully help the nurses want to promote the flu vaccine, but also help me become a better nurse and patient advocate in my future.  By understanding high risk populations for certain diseases, we can use evidenced based practice to further improve the outcomes of our patients!

Final proposal: