Art and Nursing

Art and Nursing

I believe nurses save lives not only ‘on the clock’, but off the clock too.  We are trained how to perform CPR to someone in cardiac arrest, to “stopping the bleed”, or simply knowing that a small sign such a droopy side of the face and slurred speech could mean this person might have a stroke.   I have already been to Africa, and although I wasn’t trained yet being a nurse, I was able to see how I would DEFINITELY be able to use my skills in many countries, and to volunteer and help people. This is one photo I found that touches my heart as a future nurse (this is not me in the photo). This photo speaks to me, because Nurses go above and beyond their work “on the clock” to help others. Becoming a nurse will give me vital skills and knowledge to help people every where I go.

Image of Pre-Med Volunteering Abroad In Tanzania nurse volunteer abroad

5 thoughts on “Art and Nursing

  1. Olivia,
    I love the photo you chose to speak of nursing. I agree with what you said that nurses work constantly and can help such a wide range of people with their skills. Illness do not discriminate between races, genders, ethnicities, cultures, or beliefs. A quality that all nurses must have is the ability to accept and care for so many people from many different backgrounds. If more people in today’s society could understand how valuable respect and acceptance can be we would live in such a better world. A little compassion from a nurse to a patient can go a long way. Great work Liv!

  2. I completely agree that being a nurse is a constant thing, nurses are observant 24/7 and it saves lives. Your experiences will definitely benefit you in the future since you want to do volunteer work and travel. Being a nurse is a great way to help people especially from all over the world.

  3. I agree that you will be able to travel and use what you’ve learned about nursing and its art/effect on people around the world. I think you’ll definitely be able to apply what you learn to anywhere you travel whether on or off the clock!

  4. This is a great representation of what nurses do on a daily basis. I have had first-hand experience going out of the country to provide medical assistance to those in need. It was more beneficial than anything else I have done in regard to nursing. Making people feel safe and cared for is a big part of nursing and even when not at work, there is always someone that could be in need of a nursing intervention. Compassion is really important for a nurse to have and can determine the type of nurse-patient relationship during care.

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