“NURSES: If Florence Could See Us Now”

“NURSES: If Florence Could See Us Now”

I believe every nurse should watch this video to not only explore different options of nursing, but to realize how special the career of nursing truly is.  There were many things that touched my heart throughout the hour that makes me look forward to becoming an RN very soon.  For one, we have the opportunity to change people’s lives every day.  This could simply be with a hug, all the way to catching a symptom early and saving someone’s life.  It’s not only about knowing the medications, diseases, and assessments, but it’s also about getting to know someone on a deeper level and connecting with a wide variety of people.  I learned to follow my heart and strive for success.  My goal is to become a NICU nurse, and I will most certainly work hard to make that dream come truy.  Ultimately, this video gave me chills and inspiration while having a glimpse into my future career.

Preparing for an interview is something I’m looking forward to.  As much as they will be interviewing me, I will also be interviewing them to get to know the environment and atmosphere!  Before the interview I’d love to look up the hospital and see what they offer to their employees. I’d love to get to know how other people like the hospital, and this includes asking anyone I know who has worked there how they’ve enjoyed the experience.  I will then use the background information I’ve researched about the hospital to individualize questions about the hospital and their mission.  I think it’s so important to have a positive growth mindset and this is something I will consider when applying to different hospitals!

UNE has given me various opportunities to improve my skills as a future nurse. I will not only explain my clinical skills gained during my clinical experiences, but also describe to them qualities that make me unique.  This would include my love for children while nannying, as well as balancing school, clinicals, exercise, and becoming a nurse during a pandemic.  Becoming a nurse during a pandemic has not been easy to say the least.  As a nursing student I was challenged with online classes, virtual clinicals, social isolation, and stress related to our nursing career.  With all of the stress, I overcame many personal and professional challenges that the pandemic brought into my life.  With that being said, I became more flexible with change, and truly embraced it into my everyday life.  I learned how to make the most out of negative situations, and spread positivity during challenging times.  With all of these new experiences, I will be able to bring these new strengths to the hospital.  Similar to the pandemic, I will embrace change in the hospital environment as we continue to learn new things.  I will maintain a positive environment, and work through problems that arise with an open mind and team work!  Despite being sad about leaving college, I look forward to starting my new chapter as a Registered Nurse!

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  1. Olivia, your ability to find the positives in this very challenging pandemic will surely impress your prospective employers!

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