Pre-Interview Reflection

Pre-Interview Reflection

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The person I’m choosing to interview reflects qualities I aspire to have as a future nurse.  She is not only a NICU nurse, but also a mother, sister, wife, aunt and more to her big family.  She seems to balance play time with her kids, with her work life in the NICU. I’m curious about how she does it all.  She seems to maintain a positive attitude and a calm growth environment with her family.  By observing all of this, I was able to identify her as an informal leader.  I will find out more during the interview, but I’m sincerely not sure if she takes the position of a charge nurse and more.  But ultimately i’ve noticed she’s all about teamwork and compassion, just a few things that make her a great nurse leader.  I believe anybody can be a leader. I believe a formal leader has the title of being a leader such as a Boss, Supervisor and more.  But informal leaders are special. They don’t necessarily have the official title of being a leader, but rather lead by example. They influence others around them without even trying.  And despite me not personally knowing if this nurse is a Formal leader, I know she’s a leader by the things she does each and every day.  Overall, I’m most interested in her story.  I would love to hear her advice on ways to become a better leader and influence others. I’d love to know more about her role, and how she handles the stress in the NICU, yet still comes home with a smile to her family.  My dream is to become a NICU nurse, so i’d love to have more advice on ways to reach my goal.  Nursing can be very stressful, and I love learning more about how different nurses handle their stress in a healthy manner.  By developing these skills now, I can continue to polish them for my future. I look forward to an interview with this amazing NICU nurse leader, and I’m eager to learn more about how she balances life all together, yet always has a bright smile on her face

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  1. Very nice job Olivia and the pictures add to the narrative (hope you have permission to use). You clearly answered all the assignment prompts and used examples to support your perspective. I will look forward to readying your post interview reflection.

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