ATI Practice A Comprehensive Predicator

ATI Practice A Comprehensive Predicator

Reflecting on my most recent ATI exam as of April 1, I’m feeling more and more confidence and comfortable about taking the NCLEX. I’m smarter then I think, and really need to continue to read all of my options and go with my gut instinct. I have found my biggest NCLEX category weakness has been the Pharmacological and Parenteral therapies. Because out proctored pharmacology review was moved to next week due to covid, i have even more time this weekend to review my pharmacology notes. Overall, i’m seeing improvement in my test takin skills. Once we finish our last ATI proctored exam, I will then get Uworld to continue to do questions each day leading up the NCLEX.

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  1. Olivia, I recommend holding off on purchasing a U-World subscription until after you have completed the ATI Live Review as you will be doing more ATI practice assessments after that. U-World is a good supplement but shouldn’t replace ATI.

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