About Me

About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my E-portfolio my name is Olivia Gagne. This page was build from me, with Word press Software. This includes some of my achievements during Nursing school that help to reflect who I am, and my goals. 


I will be graduating in May 2021 from the University of New England with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing Degree.  My end goal is to specialize as a NICU nurse, and eventually continue my education to a NICU NP!

In High school, my friend was diagnosed with cancer and went through chemo, radiation, and surgeries for three years.  In the hospital, I  saw the connection the nurses had with my friend, and was inspired to do the same while giving back to the nurses who saved her life.

During my sophomore year at UNE, I studied abroad in Tangier Morocco (shown in picture above).  During the time, I volunteered at a local orphanage, and saw the effects on poverty in a developing country.  Babies were frequently left in trash cans when they were first born, and it was the volunteers jobs to show the babies they are so loved, even if they don’t have parents anymore.  Going to Morocco changed my life, and expanded my cultural perspective in the world.  I believe I have become a better human being from living in Africa, and truly saw that small acts of kindness can change someones life.  This could be as simple as giving your left overs to someone who doesn’t have money to eat, or donating babies clothing to a local orphanage or goodwill.

One of my hobbies is photography.  Throughout this website, you will find various pictures I have taken over time (such as my header, a view of an African Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea!).  I believe it’s important to focus on things you love, and to make time for people you love because life is too short.  Focusing on photography during nursing school gives me something stress free to do, while pursing a very stressful degree.

I also love running; one day want to run a half marathon.  This is another one of my ways to relieve stress, and it helps me stay healthy and work on something I love.

I’m apart of the Students Nursing Association,  and have truly met many selfless friends that I will keep forever.  I couldn’t be more lucky to be pursing nursing, and am looking forward to progressing in the future.

I first created this E-portfolio during my freshman year at UNE to share my writing prompts over time.  At the time, this allowed me to receive feedback to become a better writer from not only my peers, but also my professor. 

I’m now in my Senior year of Nursing school and am going to continue to add new things to this website to promote my life as a Student Nurse, and my journey to becoming an RN!

I hope my website inspires you to become a better human, and I really appreciate you visiting my site.

– Olivia Gagne

This is my sister and I.  She is the best I love her so much!